We live our values.

We live our values.



Throughout the entire 60-year history of colordruck Baiersbronn, three values have always been and remain the basis for our decisions and actions: sustainable business, maximum flexibility and close partnerships.

Our three managing directions Martin Bruttel, Frank Büsching and Thomas Pfefferle lead our family-run enterprise. They are supported by company founder Wilhelm Mack’s three daughters – Renate Bengel, Marlis Schwedes, Susanne Mack and Yvonne Mack – who hold ownership of the company.

For our managing directors, the four owners, and our whole staff, the company’s values guide all of our actions: sustainable, flexible and in partnership.


Even company founder Wilhelm Mach thought and acted in accordance with his ideals: the terms customer orientation, innovation and engagement guided our company back then as they do today.

For us, sustainability means achieving environmental, economic and social aims in tandem. Relations to the people who support us through their efforts everyday are of utmost importance to us. Trustworthy relations with our customers and business partners are therefore much more crucial for us than merely making quick business. Our shareholders along with the members of our supervisory board can rest assured that the policies our company pursues are aimed at achieving sustainable profits and increasing value.

At the same time, however, we have a sense of obligation to the environment and society.


The range of packaging options are practically endless. Only those who question common wisdom – perhaps even boldly – and traverse new paths are ultimately able to satisfy the desires of customers.

We seek out new paths with a level-headed approach and involve our customers in new ideas. We face new challenges head on with an open mind and strive to master them. Social, environmental and economic responsibility are the three pillars that constantly shape our actions.

In partnership

We make a point to foster individual relationships with our customers and business partners, allowing both sides to ultimately achieve their goals.  

We approach our customers with friendliness and engagement, benefiting from the subsequent esteem they show for our company. Our customers comprise the center of our actions as an enterprise and we therefore create partnerships of professionalism, engagement and trust.

We only promise the things we are able to deliver on and work with a sense of earnestness and commitment.

Managing Directors: Thomas Pfefferle, Frank Büsching, Martin Bruttel

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